“I liked being able to actually communicate with the coaches, and it was fun to be able to have a voice in the discussion, which made it much more engaging.”

LIT 1.0

LIT 1.0

Summer 2021

4×70 Minute video calls with college coaches.  Each session will include a short lacrosse or fitness station, and then 2-3 stations in small groups with 1 coach leading the girls through LIT curriculum exercises.  There will be short homework assignments related to call topics and curriculum each week.  

Current 6th through 12th graders.  Groups will be made up of girls from different parts of the country who are in the same grade.

Open to any and all registrants.


email LIT4Women@gmail.com

Video Call links to be sent prior to each session

Topics and Themes include:
Leading Yourself, Leading Others, Championship Habits, Prioritization

**Participants can choose to opt out of activities at any time, for any reason but pro-rated fees are unavailable due to NCAA rules.