“LIT is innovative and encompassing of such an important part of evolving as an athlete – evolving as a teammate and leader. Whether young student-athlete’s are looking to take on a leadership role right where they are or aspire to play at the next level, the mental and emotional work done through LIT is impactful in their growth as both an athlete and person. The future of female athletics requires more intentional work just like this…great work Tenacity & crew!”

LIT 1.0

LIT 2.0

For athletes who have completed LIT 1.0

Starting January 30-31, ending in February

4×70 Minute video calls with college coaches. Date options available in registration: Saturday mornings, Sunday mornings, Sunday afternoons, or Sunday evenings. Each session will include a quick HIIT workout, and then 3 breakout rooms where small groups will be with 1 coach for 20 minutes at a time.  Student athletes will work with the same 3-4 coaches for all 4 weeks.  There will be short homework assignments related to call topics and curriculum each week.
Topics and Themes include:
Past, Presence, Transitions, Leveling Up
Grades: Current 5th through 12th graders.
*Groups will be made up of girls from different parts of the country who are in the same grade.

Open to any and all registrants.

Early Bird Discount: EB2